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Why Ethical Business Is the Only Way Forward

With the end of 2019 approaching, we take a moment to reflect on ethical business, and how it has grown in the last few years.

While ethical initiatives and greenwashing are sadly used by some corporations to ease their customers' growing conscience, mindfulness and ethics within a business are much more than a trend, they're necessary to build a better future. Companies following an ethical model are inspirational as they strive to improve the world, and they have commitments that they wish to honour. Such values vary from sustainability, gender equality to labour conditions, and in often cases include several of them. While it may seem like a chore for some entrepreneurs to establish a transparent chart of core values, ethical companies can gather attention from investors, gain a stronger reputation, profit and a good image overall all because of their ethos - and at Dare PR, we do our best to help them spread the word.

We only work with companies that have strong core values, and a mindful approach to business. This includes environmental funds but also social enterprises, charities and ethical start ups. And the ethics of a business can be observed both internally and externally. Here’s an overview of what we consider makes a business ethical, and why it's the only way forward.

1) Genuine equal treatment and fairness for all employees

A non discriminatory recruitment policy means giving equal treatment to everyone, no matter the origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or social class. Any employer must ensure employees all have the same access to opportunities and rights. A non discriminatory recruitment policy also prevents gender inequality and salary gaps, helps workers with disabilities by giving them the same opportunities as others, and encourages employee growth by rewarding them solely according to their efforts and achievements. Equal treatment is a given according to the law, but it is not always put in place in reality. Ethical businesses are usually vocal and transparent about their employment policies, encouraging others to do the same.

2) Seeing further than legal labour conditions

Whether a company is in the mindfulness industry or not, it must respect legal labour conditions. Those rules are required by law for everyone. They ensure a safe environment for employees and cover several areas including - but not limited to - minimum wage and work hours. But ethical businesses see much further than what the law asks of them. They tend to pay more than minimum wage, ensure not only their employees and makers' safety but also their comfort, and they monitor employees' mental health.

3) Responsible partners and product portfolio

Ethical businesses are usually climate-aware, and not just because it is the nature of their business, and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint from the inside out. This is often due to personal beliefs from their founders and a genuine interest in creating responsible products that will not be an issue for future generations to pick up. This means a product portfolio that doesn't cost the earth, and solid eco initiatives within the business too - from no single use plastics to being a carbon neutral business. This also means partnering with businesses aligned with these values: from their artisans to their marketing agency. All these choices contribute to positive change.

4) Facilitating fair trade

Ethical businesses create fair employment opportunities and facilitate fair trade, as they prioritise local craft and look carefully at every link of their production chain. Whether they hold the fair trade certification or are working towards it, they aim at empowering the economy of communities and simply ensure the money and opportunities go directly to the makers.

5) Total transparency

Being fully transparent about every single detail within a company makes good business sense as it reassures consumers or clients, but it's also a given for ethical businesses as this is what differentiates them from the rest. Transparent, ethical businesses avoid misunderstandings, maintain a good reputation and cultivate client loyalty - which are all well deserved rewards.

We enjoy working with businesses where following an ethical code isn't a task but the glue that holds the company together, and are always in awe of their commitment. With the climate in crisis and time running up to make significant changes, we believe ethical business is the only way forward.

For more information about our PR services for businesses with a conscience, please contact our team here.

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