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Vaughan & Unwin Donates a Tree for Every Organic Cotton Bag Sold

The London born brand of 100% organic cotton tote and travel bags partnered with TEMA Foundation in Turkey for their 'Buy One - Plant One' promise
The London born brand of 100% organic cotton tote and travel bags partnered with TEMA Foundation in Turkey for their 'Buy One - Plant One' promise

Vaughan & Unwin, the British brand of tote and travel bags made from 100% Organic Turkish Cotton, has partnered with TEMA Foundation (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) as part of their ‘Buy One - Plant One’ promise. Vaughan & Unwin donates a sapling on behalf of customers for each bag purchased, and has created a Hope Forest in Edirne, Turkey. The connection between the brand and Turkey runs deep, as it is where Vaughan & Unwin’s GOTS certified cotton comes from, and the ‘Buy One - Plant One’ promise matches the company’s ethos to create gorgeous and sustainable bags whilst giving back to nature.

Vaughan & Unwin was launched in London, UK, in 2019 by Stephanie Vaughan and Sarah Unwin, two frequent travellers who met while working in the film industry, and who wished to create bags that are a joy to use both when away and at home.

The Vaughan & Unwin collection has the founders’ love for Turkey and its nature woven through its core. The brand’s vision is to create beautiful yet minimalistic organic cotton bags for travel and everyday life, evolved from Sarah’s upbringing on an organic farm and Stephanie's personal connection to Turkey.

“Having met my partner in Turkey, I have spent a lot of time there, where his family have introduced me to all the beautiful materials the country produces, including some of the finest cotton in the world” says Stephanie Vaughan, co-founder of Vaughan & Unwin. “Our partnership with TEMA ensures we give back to the country which allows us to make exceptional bags, by donating a sapling for each bag sold to create a Hope Forest”

Vaughan & Unwin creates clean contemporary designs that are sustainably and ethically made and feel amazing too. The bags’ GOTS certification means the brand protects the environment as well as the welfare of the workers and their communities, throughout every stage of production.

Vaughan & Unwin encourages conscious gift giving, whether you are treating yourself or a loved one. The Vaughan & Unwin range includes customer favourites Florence Travel bags, either as a Botanical Set or Islands Set, as well as the Savannah Totes, in four different designs: Bloom, Droplets, Heartbeats and Sunrise. All products are sent in a recyclable box featuring a beautiful print of the brand’s cotton plant design.

“I grew up on an organic farm, so both sustainability and high ethical standards have always been important to me” says Sarah Unwin, co-founder of Vaughan & Unwin. “When founding Vaughan & Unwin it was essential that we created 100% organic bags to ensure the land is respected for future generations, and both the workers and their communities are protected.”

For more information about Vaughan & Unwin, or to view the collection of sustainable and stylish 100% Organic Turkish cotton bags for travel and everyday life, visit

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