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Time to Make Small Eco Changes with Green Island

The British eco homeware brand’s mission is to inspire consumers to live a more plastic-free life and to come together to help solve the environmental crisis step by step

It's not a secret, we love a good waste free brand. Especially one that helps people reduce their environmental impact with simple swaps. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Enter Green Island, the brand of reusable everyday essentials for the home and on-the-go, which recently launched its new website to help reduce consumption of single-use plastics in the world and encourage sustainable living. Launched by British mum and yoga instructor Sheenagh Berry in 2019, Green Island offers a stylish, high quality, reasonably priced range of products aimed at helping people make the switch to a more plastic-free life. With the climate in crisis and the plastic problem growing by the day, Green Island wraps its products in plastic-free packaging, and shares advice to inspire others to start making little changes of their own towards eco living.

Green Island offers a range of eco friendly products packaged in a sustainable way. The collections include essentials for the bathroom, kitchen, on-the-go, as well as drinkware, straws, silicone ziplocks and stretch lids, beeswax wraps, bags and bundles. The bundles include the Everyday Essentials and the Ultimate Family Bundle, two very popular items in the shop. Green Island’s most popular items for eco friendly consumers are silicone stretch lid sets, organic shopper bags, organic cotton mesh bags for fresh produce, and the brand’s signature stainless steel water bottles.

Founder Sheenagh Berry, a mum of two whose passion for eco living had a ripple effect around her and quickly turned into a successful online business, started Green Island after looking at her own daily consumption of single-use plastics. When she made small changes in her own daily habits and started relying on eco friendly products, Berry quickly realised they most often came wrapped in plastic and wasteful packaging, so she decided to start her own business to be part of the solution.

“I was just at the beginning of my journey to adapt to a more eco friendly, plastic free lifestyle”, says Sheenagh Berry, founder of Green Island. “I began ordering products online but when they arrived they were wrapped in so much plastic packaging, put inside plastic bags and sealed with plastic tape. These products were being sold as ‘eco friendly’ but the packaging was anything but. That’s when the idea for Green Island was born.”

Green Island’s mission is to offer everyday essentials to families and individuals, to reduce the ongoing consumption of single-use plastics and provide them with useful information that will inspire them to live a more plastic-free life. The brand has also partnered with One Tree Planted, an organisation that supports global reforestation, which plants a tree for every single order at Green Island.

It was always important to me while planning the business that I was able to give something back to the planet that we had taken so much from”, adds Berry. “I looked at various charities and organisations and when I came across One Tree Planted, they just stood out for me. I love the idea that every customer places an order with us knowing that they have contributed to planting a tree. We choose where in the world we want our trees to be planted each month, depending on what is happening in the world. It feels really personal”.

For more information about Green Island and to shop sustainable everyday essentials, visit

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