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The Ultimate Mindful Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Did you know that caring for the planet makes us happier? Indeed according to a recent study there is a strong relationship between our mental health and the environment. Although the climate crisis can bring us down, making sure we live sustainably can significantly boost up our mood. So with Christmas around the corner, it is the time to be merry and make sure we're bringing joy and eco-friendliness to our loved ones! Here's a round up of mindful Christmas ideas that won't cost the earth:

Zero waste living products for a higher quality of life

Credit: The Kind Store

According to a study lead by the Danish Ministry of Environment, waste prevention make lead us to a higher quality of life. This can be felt rather quickly when you start reducing your plastic consumption and see the result week after week when you take out the trash. We simply cannot afford to close our eyes on the environmental damage caused by the amount of plastic packaging we throw each year, and slowly making our households plastic-free (or close to that goal) room after room throughout the year can bring huge mental health rewards. For loved ones getting ready for this change, a surprise gift bag or Christmas box full of toiletries, skincare, make up, home and on the go products all wrapped in plastic free packaging can be a great start for a happier, more sustainable life. The Kind Store, the 100% vegan, natural and sustainable online shop has just launched gift sets and gift cards for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life that way.

Gifts that give back for instant mental health rewards

Credit: The JungleVine® Foundation

Sustainable shopping may boost our mood and make us pretty proud of ourselves, but it needs to be done properly. According to this great piece, eco living can give our days more meaning, and “living a more sustainable life brings a great sense of purpose and helps us recognise that we are all part of something bigger,” says Dr Mark Williamson, director of Action For Happiness. With shopping sustainably making us happier and giving back being the core of Christmas spirit, it is the perfect timing to give your loved ones a present that does both. The JungleVine® Foundation, home of the JungleVine® natural fibre and the globally renowned Nature Bag for sustainable shopping, works to reduce poverty in rural Laos, preserve ancient craft from the Khmu villages, and mitigate global climate change. Their selection of natural bags both give back to the community and help eco conscious shoppers reduce their environmental impact.

Beauty treats that are good for your mood, body and the planet

Credit: Conscious House London

We all know that taking care of your health and body makes you happier. Self care practice has a considerable impact on how we feel daily, and keeping a special day out of the week for a pamper is a great way to recharge. But you don't want this habit to harm the environment, or it will defeat the point of rewarding yourself and doing something great for both you and the planet. We also don't want any fear of harmful chemicals in the bathroom. With green beauty on the rise, there are easy ways to encourage your loved ones' self care habits with natural products that will make them feel good from head to toe. Conscious House London, the 100% natural skincare and toiletries brand striving for zero waste and plastic free alternatives, has just launched special bundles and candles for Christmas - a great gift for anyone wanting a treat that's kind to the planet.

Presents that make you feel empowered, and empower others

Credit: Loskey

Days like Black Friday may bring instant gratification, over-the-top sales that hard to resist, but the guilt that follows can ruin the whole idea of gifting yourself or others. Brands like Loskey, the sustainable t-shirt brand made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, are taking a stand against wasteful consumerism and have created their own day, to give back and empower makers. Loskey is giving 10% of sales of a special scarf crafted for Give Back Friday on 29th November to the #projecthrive centre in Delhi to give the artisans an opportunity for further employment and training - the perfect stocking filler for friends and family who want to look good and feel good.

Christmas is the time to be merry and mindful: we think of others, but also treat ourselves by making choices that will bring us more joy than guilt. Make sure to put these beautiful gifts under a re-usable, eco-friendly artificial tree this year - and why not decorate it early, as it is proven to make us happier? And when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, indulge in mood boosting foods such as salmon, berries and chocolate! But keep an eye out for your carbon impact. Apps such as Giki, the sustainable shopping companion, and eevie, the eco-habit tracker, can help you make the right choices at the supermarket. So before going for that frozen turkey, why not check out what the numbers says? Have a wonderful, mindful Christmas!

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