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The Little Sustainable Living Guide

Sustainable living, zero waste living, or even low waste living, can be hard. But remember, it's for a great cause. You may be find it difficult these days to keep it in check, or be running out of ideas to keep it fun and novel, so we've found the best resources and tips from our favourite zero waste heroes for you to find inspiration.

6 Steps to a more sustainable diet, by Giki

Credit: Giki

In their blog, Giki, the app that helps you shop sustainably, gives their expert advice on how to maintain a low carbon footprint lifestyle. For example, did you know that pulses, pasta, grains, legumes, fruit and veggies are all low carbon foods? "A diet which is predominantly made up of these types of food can reduce the food carbon footprint by a total of 40%." Read the whole blog post here.

Five minute homemade oat milk, by the Kind Store

Credit: The Kind Store

We love a homemade food recipe - especially when it's an easy one! The Kind Store, the UK's first all vegan and zero waste store, has shared a 5 minute recipe for delicious homemade oat milk on their blog, which just made sustainable living much more fun. Head over to their website for "freshly made, creamy oat milk that tastes better than any of the brands you can buy in shops"!

Small sustainable swaps for a new decade, by Conscious House London

Credit: Conscious House London

In our experience, nothing feels better than walking into a sustainable, zero waste home or office, where you know most things will be reused without much impact on the planet. In their list of awesome sustainable swaps for 2020, the sustainable lifestyle brand Conscious House London keeps in mind affordability and a bit of fun! Look around what you can reuse at home too and be creative, so you can"have a go at making candles, your own body lotion, or a breakfast granola". You can read the whole post here.

We hope this post gave you some good ideas to make DIY and sustainable living practical and fun! And for more information about our PR services for ethical businesses, please reach out to us here.

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