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The JungleVine Foundation® Selects Key Natural Fibre Gifts for a Sustainable Christmas

The JungleVine® Foundation's mission is to connect remote isolated tribal communities with the global market by promoting their natural fibre handicrafts

The JungleVine® Foundation, home of the JungleVine® natural fibre and the globally renowned Nature Bag, has just selected its key, timeless pieces for a sustainable Christmas. In collaboration with its sister organisation, the Lao JungleVine® Production Promotion Co. Ltd, the JungleVine® Foundation works to reduce poverty in rural Laos, preserve ancient craft from the Khmu villages, and mitigate global climate change. With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to think about natural, sustainable gifts that help both communities and the environment.

The Nature Bag is a timeless staple, traditionally used to carry a day’s harvest. This lightweight tote bag is the perfect zero-waste bag for grocery, farmer's markets, travel, beach, gym, pool, school, and so much more. It is made of a perennial vine fibre that grows without any agricultural inputs, and its design has been passed down for generations. Along with the Nature Bag, The JungleVine® Foundation has selected key gifts that are 100% sustainable and genuinely eco-friendly, for the whole family. 

The JungleVine® Foundation’s online store offers a curated selection of tote bags, purses, bags, eco-friendly home cleaning, bath and body products as well as handspun JungleVine® fibre for textile arts, with each purchase directly benefiting the Khmu artisans in remote Laotian villages.

Founded in 2005 by Bill Newbrough, a lifelong environmentalist, the JungleVine® Foundation has worked with an estimated 1,000 artisans in more than 40 villages, who have produced more than 35,000 pieces. Hand-made JungleVine® products are sold in approximately 200 boutiques in 20 countries all over the world, with the project expanding to more villages as more of the world becomes aware of the products and demand grows.

The JungleVine® Foundation’s mission is to connect remote isolated tribal communities in Laos with the global market by promoting their natural fibre handicrafts. The charity’s work reduces poverty in rural Laos, preserves a local ancient craft, and help reduce global climate change through the promotion of organic vegan JungleVine® fibre.

To celebrate the Holiday season in 2019, the JungleVine® Foundation has selected traditionally handcrafted and 100% natural products to gift your loved ones, including: mesh net bags, medium, small and mini tote bags, zipper totes and purses - all available on the foundation's website.

With Christmas accounting for 5% of our annual carbon footprint, the JungleVine® Foundation encourages sustainable shopping that genuinely helps communities. For more information about the JungleVine® Foundation’s work and to shop the Nature Bag and other collections this Christmas, visit

And for more information about our public relations services for ethical and sustainable businesses, please contact our team here.

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