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The Good Coffee Project Wants to Make You Drink Specialty Coffee that Comes with Good Karma

The UK based business supports and supplies world-class coffee that comes with a clear conscience, “improving the coffee industry one bean at a time”.

The Good Coffee Project, a local roaster and supplier of specialty coffee, just announced the launch of its new website for retailers and wholesalers who are looking for good quality coffee beans. Just like its customers, The Good Coffee Project appreciates good quality coffee, with a deepened respect for its origins, which leads the company to find their perfect harvests and roast profiles. The Good Coffee Project makes its growing range of coffees available to the public through its online store and social media, as well as through trusted partnerships with businesses sharing the same ethos: that coffee should be of good quality, and ethically sourced from sustainable farming communities.

The Good Coffee Project has a clear mission to source the highest quality coffee from farms around the world so that it can be enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs, locally and globally. The company firmly believes in doing business the right way, so all of its coffee is farmed with sustainability at the forefront. The team as a whole conducts business in a way that’s designed to have a positive impact on both the wider coffee industry and the individual farmers with whom they work.

The Good Coffee Project was established by healthy food enthusiast and business professional, Chantel Daniel, in the summer of 2020, derived from her offering on a city farm two years prior. Born in London, The Good Coffee Project delivers throughout the UK and is also shipping internationally, so that customers can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee wherever they are in the world.

As an ethical business owner and a woman who takes great pride in serving quality coffee, Chantel decided to start The Good Coffee Project to encourage the general public to drink quality coffee that is sourced ethically and considerate of the entire supply chain. The Good Coffee Project is based on three pillars: ethical and sustainable coffee products, wider representation within the industry and embracing the culture of coffee, with a focus on the grassroots movement of consumers who want world-class coffee that comes with a clear conscience.

The company’s goal is for customers to be able to enjoy the experience of a truly excellent cup of coffee that comes with good karma and a strong sense of social responsibility. The company works ethically and sources beans in a dutiful and sustainable manner to reach that goal, daily.

Each variety of coffee bean sold by The Good Coffee Project has gone through a mindful selection process, and the business aims to consider all the key trading relationships along the path from bean to cup – as per the company slogan: ‘we don’t just do good coffee, we do good with coffee’.

“It’s more than just a good cup of coffee when you consider the supply chain” says Chantel Daniel, Founder of The Good Coffee Project. “It’s about the love and effort that goes into the process.”

The Good Coffee Project works with farming communities that have been rigorously checked, which often goes beyond paying for certification. The farmers who grow the beans on behalf of the brand are key to its success, and The Good Coffee Project wants to be instrumental to their growth as well. The Good Coffee Project believes in the value of paying more for the beans they source in order to help sustain the communities that grow them, and when a customer chooses to buy their favourite coffee from The Good Coffee Project, they’re playing a vital role in this long-term commitment.

The farmers that the Good Coffee Project works with pick the ripest, healthiest fruit, grown organically and without the use of pesticides. The best fruit provides the best beans, and the best beans make for the best coffee. The Good Coffee Project’s ultimate goal is to provide its customer base with great coffee while contributing to the farming communities that grow the crops.

The Good Coffee Project will be hosting live events throughout the year for their customers and trusted partners within the industry to become familiar with the taste of their coffee and to showcase their diverse range. The events will include coffee tasting, workshops and talks by the Founder about the company’s mission to source coffee and pay fair prices to farmers, as well as the story behind the brand.

“Although we are currently in a social climate that is subject to change, we are gearing our company to adapt and still serve the needs of our consumers”, says Chantel Daniel. “The future is still in our hands so we must continue to strive to make a difference.”

For more information about The Good Coffee Project or to discover the ethically and sustainably sourced coffee collections, please visit

And for more information about our services for ethical businesses, please contact our team here.

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