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Shaping a Better World Through Social Change, Mental Health and Spirituality

Are social change, mental health, arts and spirituality all connected? Can we dismantle systemic racism by using mindfulness practices? Where do we even start?

Meet Jess Mally, the consultant, writer, content creator, producer, speaker and coach who encourages individuals to look within. As seen is Mally's impressive body of work, dismantling racism and white supremacy requires both an internal and external revolution, and could use some spirituality too. Notably, in her piece Why Anti-Racism Work is Also Spiritual Work, she explains: "spirituality in this context is a set of practices that help cultivate our inner self. In that sense, it’s entirely inclusive—anyone can do this work. A great place to start is by building contemplative practices into your day-to-day life."

From a conscious observation of our biases, journaling, and establishing an action plan, Jess Mally's recommendations are intimately connected to mindfulness, a practice a lot of us are familiar with today, which indicates we may already have the tools to take the first effective steps towards an anti-racist and truly equal society.

Mally, the host of the Third Way Podcast which explores the worlds of the mind, art and how people function together, is familiar with racism on both personal and professional levels: "As a third culture kid and growing up as one of the only Black kids in my world, I have always been passionate about racial equality, justice and a better future for all." Her Anti-Racism course covers current events, her personal experience and history. Divided into 4 modules, the course introduces the participants to the realities of living in a racist society, unpacks terminology like white supremacy and white privilege and gives the participant a holistic understanding of how the UK got to where it is today.

On top of her successful podcast and anti-racism course, Jess Mally works as a writer for various publications, consults and produces events for organisations aligned with her values, runs workshops, speaks at industry events, and is actively involved in advancing the betterment of the Black Community in the UK and worldwide. In Mally's approach, social change, mental health, arts and spirituality are all connected and there are many ways to make an impact that lasts, but there must be solid action. As explained in her piece Why Black Lives Matter is a Global Movement, we must keep "organising, finding ways to keep the momentum going, holding organisations accountable, and creating safe and healing spaces for our Black communities." Mally also lists at least 4 ways people can help Black Lives Matter in the UK: Supporting Black Lives Matter UK, following LDNBLM for key dates, events and resources, demanding justice for Belly Mujinga, and shopping at Black-owned businesses.

We couldn't more proud to work alongside with Jess Mally in the fight for positive change. For more information about her many talents, or to send her a booking inquiry for your next workshop or event, please click here.

And for more information about our services please contact our team here.

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