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Season 7 Shifts Focus on Self-Empowerment Through Style

The styling platform has shifted its focus on self-empowerment, a mission that has always been at the core of the brand

Season 7, the e-commerce destination for statement outerwear, has now pivoted to develop an online style and empowerment platform, which has always been the company’s core mission. Launched by New Yorker and fashion enthusiast Blair Clarke in 2019, Season 7 strives to touch the hearts of the modern individual through shopping, digital content and events that are a source of inspiration, information, entertainment and motivation. The brand encourages self-love and self-empowerment through style, and allows customers to creatively explore and build truly self reflective wardrobes. The new Season 7 website now acts as a resourceful, trustworthy and go-to media platform with a focus on fashion, style and wellbeing.

With a large appetite for fashion and style, Season 7 focuses on highlighting emerging brands and small businesses and encouraging fashion lovers, style enthusiasts and those still figuring it out to love themselves and empower themselves through clothing. On top of supporting small brands on its platform, the company aims at building a community they can inspire, educate and entertain. Following its core mission, Season 7 aims at empowering the modern individual to discover (fashion), develop (their personal styles) and embrace (themselves).

Founder Blair Clarke has never been one to strictly follow trends, her unique style becoming a statement in her personal life, which is what fueled the values behind Season 7. With a background in corporate and social events, Clarke quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug and moved to London to establish a fashion business that would showcase unique pieces to the world and promote individuality and personal style. Season 7 started as an online destination for statement outerwear which stocked brands such as Daily Paper, Rudsak and Anne Vest, then developed as an inspirational platform that empowers through style and fashion.

“Clothing and expressing myself through style has always been extremely personal for me”, says Blair Clarke, founder of Season 7. “Having dealt with body image issues, clothing and cultivating my personal style helped me work through them.”

Season 7 believes that when you look good, you feel good, you then do good. This motto is shared by the brand’s founder and has given the business its new direction as a self-empowerment styling platform.

“Using the platform to also highlight emerging brands encourages uniqueness”, says Clarke. “I knew that the core values of Season 7 were always about helping the next individual feel good about themselves as well as embrace their individuality and personal style, so it was important to have both efforts go hand in hand.”

For more information about Season 7 and to start your empowering styling journey, visit

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