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Scintilla to Launch Skincare Essentials Made From Nature-Identical Ingredients & Upcycled Materials

The new collection of products includes three universal skincare staples for the conscious consumer: a Lip Balm, Hand Cream and Body Milk, all lightly scented with a delicious natural coconut infusion

Scintilla, the brand of sustainable skincare and toiletries striving for zero waste and plastic free alternatives, just announced the upcoming launch of its new line of skincare essentials for the conscious consumer - which will be unveiled on Friday 20th August 2021. The new line includes skincare staples such as a Lip Balm, a Lavandula Hand Cream, Body Milk, the Quotidie Daily Face Cream, the Marilla Body Oil, and new versions of the brand’s Reusable Make-Up Wipes, which are all key elements of a whole-body skincare routine and formulated for maximum skin hydration and protection.

Following its successful rebrand in April 2021, Scintilla has now circled back to where the brand originally started: to re-invent some key skincare essentials. With this new skincare line, Scintilla aims at rebuilding the foundation of a sustainable daily routine for skin. Taking on board the latest research into plant-based ingredients, as well as advances in the sustainable alternative to using natural resources, nature-identical ingredients and upcycled materials, Scintilla now continues to move towards a wide range of sustainable skincare products that are as good for the planet as they are for skin.

The three staples in Scintilla’s new line of skincare essentials are all lightly scented with a delicious natural coconut infusion. Alongside these, the Lavandula Hand Cream was formulated specifically for healing and soothing, while the Quotidie Daily Face Cream acts as a light but hydrating daily essential, and the Marilla Body Oil is a sweet floral body moisturiser designed to be a long-lasting thirst-quencher for skin. Scintilla is also releasing new Daisy print variations of its Reusable Make-Up Wipes, a customer favourite that is often paired with the brand’s star product: the Fresh-Faced Cleansing Milk.

Scintilla is dedicated to creating simple formulations that help you expand your mindset to see skincare as self-care. All Scintilla products are gentle for the skin, without harmful chemicals, and are optimised with the best ingredients so that you only need to use a small amount - effectively reducing waste and fighting over-consumption.

With its new skincare essentials line, Scintilla once again offers sustainable alternatives that are good for people and the environment, using holistic sustainability in its formulations - most of them between 98-100% natural. Ingredients used in Scintilla products range from jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado, olive and sunflower seed oils to aloe vera, cocoa seed, shea butter and lavender.

“This new collection of products is designed to take you back to basics with skincare; we’ve created a set of key products for a simple, sustainable skincare routine, all of which are gentle on the skin and just as kind to the planet” says Rebecca Dallimore, founder and CEO of Scintilla. “Considering the recent IPCC climate report, sustainability becomes ever more important and Scintilla sets out to go beyond just being a retailer, and really be a resource for those looking to make more conscious choices.”

Scintilla products also come in responsible packaging. Orders are minimally wrapped in re-used, recyclable or recycled packaging, such as glass jars with an aluminium lid, with the goal to leave the tiniest trace of a footprint.

10% of Scintilla profits go to SEED Madagascar, a sustainable development charity working primarily in the southeast of Madagascar, and Mind, the mental health charity in England and Wales.

For more information about Scintilla, or to view the new line of sustainable skincare essentials, visit

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