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Our Ethical Pledge: 3 Things We'll Fight for in 2020

At Dare PR we are committed to sustainability, ethical business and mindfulness. This has been the case since we launched the agency and can be felt in every single step we take. Here are 3 things we are pledging to continue to fight for in 2020.

Being a plastic-free business

If there is one thing we hate, it's plastic. And more specifically single use plastic. This is why Dare PR has been a plastic-free agency from the start, and we are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to keep this habit. Good thing we only work with businesses in the field of sustainability, such as The Kind Store, Conscious House London, and the JungleVine Foundation! No waste or plastic here...

Working with mindful clients

Mindful business is the core of our agency, and we only work with businesses sharing this ethos. Mindful business is not only the way you deal with business and respect of others, it's also the way you treat the planet. This is why we are proud of our clients, and the work they do to help is collectively lower our carbon footprint, like Giki and Holiable. It is also important for us to work with inclusive businesses, and clients committed to changing stereotypes, which is why we're so excited to work with the Delia Arts Foundation.

Being transparent

We work with transparent businesses, and we are transparent too. On our blog and our social media we like to share everything that is new at our agency and in the world of our clients. And we'll do more of that this year. We also like to share the behind the scenes with the press, especially when it comes to the ingredients or materials used in the products we promote. No bad surprises! This pledge here is also a way to show we reflect on things we can do better, and how we can contribute to the change we want to see.

Do you need a PR agency that shares your ethos and values? Need a consultation to see how we can help you promote your project? We'd love to hear from you! Contact our team here and we'll be in touch soon.

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