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On The Verge Of Burnout? Here Are 4 Programmes Designed For Your Mental Health

Can you believe July has already gone? Here comes August, we're in the depth of summertime and what's not to like? The sun is shining (well, supposedly at least...), the barbecues and Spritzes are flowing, no reason to be unhappy. Unfortunately some of us might still experience and suffer from anxiety, burnouts or even Summer SAD, also known as reverse Seasonal Affective Condition (yes, yes Winter SAD's little cousin - a type of depression that comes with the season). So, if you feel a little overrun this summer, we've got 4 wellbeing programmes specially designed to help with your mental health, all ran by our superstar wellbeing coach Puja K. McClymont. Could there be one for you?

The Certified NLP Wellbeing Coach Puja K McClymont recently announced the upcoming launch of a series of wellness workshops and retreats taking place in both London and abroad and we couldn't be more thrilled to share them with you! Each programme is specifically designed to help clients focus on themselves and their goals without distractions and are tailored to each individual’s need. This unique style of coaching addresses common challenges such as self confidence, anxiety, stress management and personal self care.

1) The Frankly Unstoppable One-Day Wellness Workshop

Held at the Taj Hotel, this workshop will welcome up to 6 clients at the 51 Buckingham Series & Residences in London. The full day will include a wellness breakfast and lunch catered by Taj Hotel, incorporating Ayurvedic principles, and a coaching workshop hosted by McClymont. The coaching session will follow luxurious body treatments provided by Jiva Spa, using traditional Indian treatments dedicated to nurturing the body and contemporary Mediterranean wellness philosophy and results driven products.

2) The Clarity Hour Workshop

Hosted once a month in a group at the Allbright, Mayfair, this programme is ideal for busy people new to the coaching process. The Clarity Hour focuses on work-life balance goals to get some clarity along with wellbeing coaching keeping each participant safe and allowing them to be vulnerable. This hour is designed to echo a yoga, meditation or fitness class helping clients to stay in the present and work mindfully. Each session will be held once a month from 6.30pm to 7.30pm at The AllBright Mayfair, 24-26 Maddox St, Mayfair, London W1S 1PP.

3) The Frankly Unstoppable Transformation Programme

Suited for people struggling with living the life they want. This programme helps with work relating goals, relationships and/or health. The nature of the programme helps to manage challenging events, whilst being fully supported by Puja K McClymont's coaching. This is for anyone ready to make transformational changes in there life. The Transformation Programme will start on the first week of each month from 10.30am to 16.30am at The AllBright Mayfair, 24-26 Maddox St, Mayfair, London W1S 1PP.

4) The Frankly Unstoppable Abroad

This signature programme starts with a rejuvenating, transformational retreat with Puja K McClymont to help re-align your priorities, clarify your life goals and manage the stresses of daily life; for the prevention of burnout. This retreat puts clients’ needs first, help them gain confidence for a better work-life balance, relationship and health. It takes place over 5 nights and 6 days and allows attendees to reconnect with themselves and recognise what may or may not be working well so that they can carve out how they want their lives to look. The retreat is delivered through a range of coaching and mindful activities, yoga, meditation, hikes, swimming and spa treatments. It will run from the 4 to 9 September 2019 at the Lucia Yoga Centre in Malaga, Spain.

“Travel can be the best therapy, as getting away from your daily life can give you the space to pause, re-focus, and improve your mental health”, says Puja K McClymont. “Using NLP techniques to create mindset shifts, we will explore templates, perceptions and actual reality as a way to build confidence, accept self-love and balance mental health.”

Puja K McClymont’s signature coaching programme Frankly Coaching covers essential questions for busy clients to ask themselves in order to move forward and establish purpose-driven goals, and gain clarity through the clutter in their lives. The different coaching programmes will include an introduction to mindset coaching, reasons behind the goals, actions to follow and a coaching wrap up, allowing guests to leave with a better understanding of themselves and a rested body and mind.

The all-year Frankly Unstoppable programmes address key areas of the clients’ life and looks at where imbalances are occurring that may need to be worked on in order to help them achieve more of what they want. Each area is coached deeply to ensure there are ways to improve them ranging from their emotions to community and stress levels.

To find more information about the Frankly Unstoppable Workshops, or to book a consultation with Puja K McClymont please visit

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