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Nyssa is on a Mission to Empower Women Around the World with 100% Traceable Fine Jewellery

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The conscious brand is on a journey to inspire, innovate, and disrupt the luxury industry by creating ethical fine jewellery that’s attainable for everyone

Nyssa, the brand of conscious fine jewellery for today’s conscious women, just announced the launch of their new online store, which showcases the company’s mission for positive change in an industry that traditionally favors profitability over responsibility. Nyssa crafts responsibly made fine jewellery at a fraction of the traditional markup, from rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces to exclusive capsule collections inspired by natural and mystical elements. Nyssa designs original fine jewellery in in-house workshops taking inspiration from customers: modern, mindful women who try their best to be supportive of the world amid their multifaceted lives.

The brand offers everyday fine jewellery designed to complement any occasion or any style, handcrafted with the highest quality materials by master jewellers, expert craftsmen and goldsmiths, and gouache drawings. Nyssa only works with artisans who share the same values to create ethical fine jewellery that stands the test of time. Each jewellery piece has gone through a rigorous design process and many rounds of sampling before being taken to production. Nyssa creates jewellery that makes you feel as good as it looks, a promise that is aligned with the company’s core values.

Nyssa means new beginnings, and was founded in February 2020 by Henry Tse in Hong Kong, out of the belief that we have a responsibility to preserve and protect our planet and the people we share it with. Nyssa’s three core values drive the business to find the best materials and only work with partners that provide their employees with safe and fair working conditions. As a result Nyssa is now working with female miners in Tanzania for the brand’s traceable gemstones, and has taken action to owning factories and small scale ethical mining operations. Nyssa’s new website takes customers behind the scenes of its handcrafted fine jewellery, from its low impact on the planet to its transparent supply chain and fair treatment of all workers involved in the making of Nyssa’s conscious fine jewellery.

Nyssa’s three core brand values are fine quality (with expert goldsmiths following the highest standards in fine jewellery making), ethical sourcing (Nyssa is working towards 100% traceability starting with KP-certified conflict-free diamonds and already-traceable gems) and an honest markup (Nyssa cuts out the middlemen throughout the traditional supply chain to work as closely as possible with the people who matter most, then sells directly to customers). Nyssa jewellery are made of only fairtrade gold and silver, conflict-free diamonds, traceable gemstones, or 100% recycled gold.

Nyssa has also created a ‘lifetime buy-back programme’, in order to close the loop, trace Nyssa jewellery’s journey and create new original in-house designs. The brand buys back any Nyssa jewellery at 20% of the purchase price, to be upcycled into new pieces. This helps Nyssa create quality, fine jewellery without the need for new gold mining, and lets conscious consumers recycle their jewellery with the brand they can trust.

My goal for Nyssa is to become an industry leader in sustainable standards,said Henry Tse, founder of Nyssa. “Over the years of working in the jewellery business, I’ve found that women find it hard to purchase affordable and ethically-made fine jewelry, which is why Nyssa operates on a direct-to-consumer business model that allows us to cut costs and be transparent.”

Nyssa also proudly partners with ethical organisations across the world such as Moyo Gems, Fairtrade Gold and Anza Gems to empower artisanal miners and to protect the earth’s natural resources. With Moyo, Nyssa invests 10% of all gemstone order value in the education of female artisanal miners in Tanga, Tanzania. This initiative provides transformative opportunities for female artisanal miners in Tanzania, and gives back to their community by empowering them with gemology education and mining equipment. Nyssa is committed to ensuring that every miner receives compensation and treatment that reflects her immense worth.

I believe it’s essential we each do our part in leaving the world a better place than when we entered it,said Henry Tse, founder of Nyssa. “We need to give future generations the same or better opportunities than we were given. I’m also a firm believer in education and giving back. That’s why Nyssa is proud to collaborate with Moyo Gems, who supports female miners in Tanzania through educating and empowering women on how to make a living by mining.”

For more information about Nyssa and to discover its collection of fine, handcrafted jewellery for conscious customers please visit

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