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Mindful Business: Key Points from our Talk at Future Females

In case you missed it, our founder Jennifer was at Future Females London last week to talk about the burnout that inspired the launch of her mindful business in 2015. The whole team was there, and we were thrilled to connect with like minded professionals and budding entrepreneurs wishing to create positive change. When it comes to mindful business, while awareness is spreading, it's always good to go back to basics and think about how we can encourage better business ethics. Here are key points from Jennifer's talk in case you couldn't catch it live.

1) A burnout can inspire great change

Sunday dread, crying at work and panic attacks are all signs of burnout. Although everyone has their own breaking point and tolerance level, there is one thing that all burnouts have in common: they can be used to great things. When our founder experienced hers, it made her reconsider everything she thought about work and life, and be very specific about the type of clients she wanted to collaborate with. She wanted to be associated with soulful businesses and people doing good, whatever the sector, as long as they were ethical, kind, green and mindful in the way they were conducting business. The concept of our agency was born.

2) Do not take your impact for granted

Mindful business implies being conscious about how you conduct business, its impact on people, on the planet. When it comes to leadership, it involves your impact on your team and employees. Making mental health a priority. Being conscious of your impact on your clients. When you make the commitment to do business mindfully, you think further than strategy and sales but on a human level, with heart and deep thought. Don’t take things for granted as business has an impact and every little gesture counts and can inspire a new generation of leaders.

3) How to start a mindful business

Nowadays you can create a website within a week and register quite easily on Companies House. Social media accounts can quickly follow. What becomes interesting with mindful business is that work feels a little less like work and more like a collaboration to the bigger picture. Work and life can become part of the same entity without being invasive. Work is part of life, and it needs to fit your personality, your talents, your values. When you start a mindful business, once the technicalities are achieved, take the time to write down your ethos and code of conduct, as well as a set of questions to ensure your clients' ethics.

4) Go on and just do it

Don’t just rely on other people's opinions and experience, as you could get stuck and it could turn you off launching your business. Everyone has their own story or fears, but not everyone dares to change the world. Fear and objections aside, you can push forward even if you don’t have all the answers, and will have at least tried to have a positive impact. Use your personal network, and tell everyone about your project. Word of mouth is an invaluable tool that can lift up your business, so don't hesitate to speak from the heart and make sure you nurture your connections.

5) Don't hesitate to say no

Something we are not taught at school is the power of no. How do you say no to a lucrative prospect that has yet to demonstrate its good ethics? Turning down a project can be scary, especially for start ups. But once you are in the mindful business world, the word no is one of the strongest tools at your disposal. Do not compromise your ethos based on fear of making ends meet. Good business will come.

We had a blast at Future Females last week! For more information on our agency and how we help mindful, ethical and sustainable businesses get off the ground, please contact our team here.

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