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Mental Health Awareness Week: Our Client Puja K McClymont Launches New Retreat in Spain

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and to open the dialogue on the importance we need to give mental health, our dear client and NLP Life Coach Puja K McClymont just announced the upcoming launch of the Frankly Unstoppable Retreat at the Lucia Yoga Centre in Malaga, Spain, which will run from 4 to 9 September 2019.

The Malaga retreat is specifically designed to help clients change their mindset and perception of themselves, get physical distance to be able to focus on themselves and their goals without day-to-day distractions. Using specific NLP techniques, Puja helps clients discover purpose-driven goals, improves mindset and provides the space for clients to use travel as therapy.

As a special treat and to honour Mental Health Awareness Week, Puja K McClymont will be offering a special £100 discount for all clients booking the Frankly Unstoppable retreat before 31 May 2019. The 5 nights - 6 days retreat allows attendees to reconnect with themselves and recognise what may or may not be working well so that they can carve out how they want their lives to look. The retreat is delivered through a range of coaching and mindful activities, yoga, meditation, hikes, swimming and spa treatments.

Mental Health Awareness Week was designed by the Mental Health Foundation to focus on a major mental health issue each year, and focused on stress in 2018. This year will drive conversations on depression and mental health issues originating from body image, and the Frankly Unstoppable retreat in Malaga will tackle self-perception versus reality to improve templates and mindset behind body image through a range of Coaching and NLP techniques.

“Puja has a positive but frank and realistic approach to coaching”, says one of the Frankly Unstoppable retreat attendees. “She guides you through innovative ways and makes you look at things holistically. Focusing on the present rather than looking into the past or even into the far future was incredibly prevalent with me and stuck with me beyond the retreat. I write my affirmations every morning and evening which help me appreciate the little things in life and take away from any little niggly things that I would have focused on before. Since the retreat I have made some big life decisions and chosen a path – I finally do not feel as lost.”

“Travel can be the best therapy, as getting away from your daily life can give you the space to pause, re-focus, and improve your mental health”, says Puja K McClymont. “Using NLP techniques to create mindset shifts, we will explore templates, perceptions and actual reality as a way to build confidence, accept self-love and balance mental health.”

To find more information about the Frankly Unstoppable Retreat at the Lucia Yoga Centre in Malaga, Spain, to book in a consultation with Puja K McClymont, or find useful tools ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week visit FranklyCoaching.com.

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