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Mental Health at Work: Let's Start the Conversation

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (13th to 19th May), we wanted to shine a light on our highly inspiring client Puja K. McClymont, certified life & business coach who dedicates her time to helping businesses prevent burnouts and depression within their company.

Puja K. McClymont created the Frankly Engaged programme, designed to help employees manage their work and personal lives by transforming the way they think for higher productivity through sustainable changes. 

The Frankly Engaged programme is a partnership with companies aiming to help better engage employees, increase motivation and staff retention, and enhance productivity by aligning both company and employee goals. The programme is offered to companies as customised retreats (where team members can lay strong foundations), workshops on common prevention themes or specific themes in line with the company’s challenges or through one-on-one coaching sessions. All options are ideal for organisations wanting to invest in the development of team members. Each programme attendee will gain clarity on their life goals, how this integrates with work, understanding of the work-life balance and a host of tools they can use to support their personal and work goals. The company will receive a detailed qualitative report offering cost-effective solutions to common challenges that arise from the programme

The goals set for the Frankly Engaged programme are in priority the prevention of burnout within employees, coaching teams into being present, offering human resources and team leaders solutions to manage signs of stress and burnout, and compile qualitative data for companies to better reinforce their mental health policies. With Stress Awareness Month in April 2019, Puja K McClymont expressed the importance of bringing awareness to businesses themselves.

“Having experienced burnout myself, my key challenge was not understanding how to balance my personal and work life so that I could perform well in both”, says Puja. “I was always ambitious and passionate but found by giving nearly all of myself to work, I was constantly stressed and started to underperform. In today’s on-demand culture, workplaces need the right support to help with mental health challenges, namely burnout of great employees so that both the business and employees thrive. Working with professionals who understand this and can help in the prevention of burnout is an asset and necessity in today’s workplace culture. Too many young professionals are being diagnosed with mental health conditions and my personal mission is to help as many as possible.”

As proven by Puja K McClymont’s work, wellbeing coaching in people’s place of work leads to better retention and productivity, builds trust between employees and the company, and offers a value based culture. The Frankly Engaged programme enables employees to feel heard, feel supported, fulfil their needs and get re-motivated by the coach’s workshops.

Puja K McClymont’s Frankly Engaged programme has already been used by global corporations from TFL to Me:Mo Interactive. “We’ve worked with Puja a few times. Most recently, we worked together during a change in structure that required buy-in from all employees. She helped us make the transition and support our teams with some great tools” says Adrian, a Frankly Engaged client working at BMW.

Having herself suffered from a breakdown due to burnout which was diagnosed as depression, Puja K McClymont’s recovery included travelling for 2 months which helped her re-focus by being away from her day-to-day job, which the NLP coach herself believes is the core reason she was able to recover, in alignment with various other therapies.

“I believe that you can't find balance in the place that caused the imbalance, you can't heal in the place that made you sick, you can't de-stress in the place that caused the stress.” says Puja. “It’s the process of adding in what was missing that helped in the overall recovery, and therefore how this programme was created.”

With Mental Health Awareness Week coming up (13th to 19th May), there's no better time than the present to encourage employees to share how they truly feel in their place of work. At Dare PR, it's even one of our first orders of business on a Monday!

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