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McKnasty presents FBS ft. Jess Mally: Young King

Narrated by writer and multi-disciplinary creative Jess Mally, Young King is a visual masterpiece that celebrates Black men in all their beauty, vulnerability and strength

What happens when an undercover poet shares a piece with her producer and artist friend and attends one of his Jam nights? Young King happens. Jess Mally, writer and host of An Introduction to Antiracism, had been sharing her Young King poem in her circles and via her blog since she wrote it in 2018. It wasn’t until MckNasty pulled her up at one of his Fireball Session gigs that the piece came to life with music for the first time. Unbeknownst to her, he recorded the whole track and sent it to Mally a few months later.

When Ahmaud Arbery was murdered, MckNasty and Jess knew it was time to bring the track to the world. With the help of emerging creative director Edem Wornoo and a great team, the film to the track was created. A visual masterpiece bringing the promise of Young King to life, celebrating Black men in all their beauty, vulnerability and strength.

There has never been a time where bringing this message to Black men all around the world has been more important and the team behind Young King can’t wait to share this offering with the world.

“I wrote Young King coming home from meeting my father, my brothers and my nephews in Alabama and Tennessee for the first time in 2018”, says Jess Mally, writer, speaker, podcast host and producer. “As a Black woman, the years leading up to that moment, the murders of Black men in the US, the police brutality and injustices inflicted upon Black men around the world and those close to me had left me devastated as it was. Meeting more men in my family in the US only amplified those emotions. So, I did what I knew to do: I wrote.”

“Young King is more than just a spoken word piece to me”, continues Mally. “It’s a prayer, a declaration and a promise. I believe that the healing and liberation of our men is one of the things that is imperative if we as a Black Community want to see true change and I pray that Young King would play a part in bringing that healing.”

The track is being released as the first single off of the upcoming MckNasty Presents FBS EP.

Tune in on 13 August 2020 for the release of the Young King track on streaming platforms. The official music video for Young King will launch on Vimeo on 14 August 2020.

For more information about Jess Mally please visit

And to get in touch with our team, please contact us here.

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