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Join Us on Our Eco Hike This Summer To Honour #PlasticFreeJuly

#PlasticFreeJuly is just around the corner, and at Dare PR we're determined to honour this. As promised, we will be organising an eco hike around London and we need devoted participants to come along. Will that be you?

As a little reminder, the Plastic Free Foundation is a not-for-profit which delivers the annual challenge of living plastic free for the whole month of July, and works on solutions with communities around the world. Their vision (and ours) is a world without plastic waste - will you support this mission?

We are up for the challenge and as this is a pressing matter we would love you to join us. This is why we are calling out for participants to join forces with us and clean up our streets in our very first eco hike. You can join by emailing us on or anywhere on our social media channels.

Why an eco hike?

Everyday, on our commute to the Dare PR office, we pass in front of dozens, if not hundreds, of plastic trash left on the floor. It is very painful to witness, and while we are always picking up the obvious bits, we can't do it all ourselves. So symbolically and because at Dare PR we are truly dedicated to a cleaner, healthier planet, we decided to organise an eco hike where everyone sharing our ethos can join. Particularly in this context, the more the merrier (and easier)! It should be noted that the 'hike' in question, will be a nice and easy-paced stroll, and will take place almost entirely on flat ground so you don't need your heavy hiking boots, we're in London after all!

When and where?

We will be organising our first eco hike on 20 July 2019 from 3pm to 5pm. We will start in Shoreditch Park, near Hoxton (entrance at the corner of New North Road and Poole Street) and will continue on to the Canal (entrance on Baring Street) to finish in a close-by pub for a well deserved drink!

What to bring?

Just yourself! We will provide eco-friendly gloves and recyclable bags. Feel free to bring your own gear if you wish but we'll have everything covered for your own piece of mind!

Who is this for?

This eco hike is for anyone who, like us, believes in a more conscious and sustainable world. Also for anyone who wants to see cleaner streets and feel like they've contributed to something positive, even if just for a couple of hours. If you feel a bit shy, that's okay, we don't bite AND you are free to bring whomever you want! Plus ones, children, partners, friends & family are all welcome. We can't wait to meet you all!

If you would like to volunteer to go on a hike with us (and we hope you do!) around London this July, please email our team on

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