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Introducing Yard + Parish: the One-Stop Shop for Independent Brands of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora

Yard + Parish encourages investment into Black-owned businesses, and champions a natural, eco-conscious, and colourful lifestyle

We are so happy to introduce you to Yard + Parish, the online portal to eco-luxe heritage brands by the African and Caribbean diaspora, and the one-stop shop for items that champion a natural, ethical, and colourful lifestyle. Driven by its motto, “Discover the Diaspora”, which highlights an overarching mission to encourage global exploration and investment into Black-owned businesses in the UK and beyond, Yard + Parish caters to women of colour, and pays homage to Jamaica through visual storytelling and its signature aesthetic. The London-based company is also environmentally conscious and only scouts brands aligned with that ethos, showcasing products made in small batches by independent designers and artisans.

Yard + Parish was founded by Toronto-born cousins Samantha Newell and Alesha Bailey in July 2019, after struggling to find well-made, affordable products that suit their hair, skin and style. They recognised that this was a global issue wherever women of colour are considered minorities. The two continue to break barriers building a revolutionary online platform powered by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Influenced by their Jamaican and Nigerian heritage, Yard + Parish aims to empower customers to stay connected to their roots while embracing the on-going discovery of other Diasporic communities world-wide. It encourages cultural preservation by showcasing curated heirlooms and handcrafted natural products.

“As a heritage brand, the majority of our items are authentically handmade by artisans” said Samantha Newell, co-founder of Yard + Parish. “Some are limited editions or made to order. One thing they all have in common is a beautiful story.

Yard + Parish scouts and features brands that use all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. The brand’s aim is to encourage consumers to invest in quality pieces which are made to last, without compromising on style or taste.

“Being a fashion forward brand is just as important to us as consideration for the environment and our community” said Alesha Bailey, co-founder of Yard + Parish. “We work closely with our partners, and have developed a growing community of entrepreneurs routing for each other's success.

Yard + Parish Style is also melanin-focused and makes it easy to find products that perfectly match diverse skin tones. Online representatives offer live support to assist with finding true nude colours for garments such as intimates, hosiery and more.

To shop the Yard + Parish collection of women’s self-care products, fashion accessories, artisanal homeware, and to discover independent brands of the African and Caribbean Diaspora please visit

And for more information about our Public Relations services for ethical businesses please contact our team here.

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