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Helping Entrepreneurs Find the Right Work-Life Balance

At Dare PR, it is no secret we support mindful businesses and we always put a healthy work-life balance first. This agency started from a burn out, which turned into a mindful business idea. This is why we were so thrilled when we started working with Charnice Blaize and her business Blaized.

Charnice Blaize is the founder and CEO of Blaized, the brand consultancy and talent agency (which has worked with brands from Puma to Converse, Havas Group and Durex), a business on a mission to help entrepreneurs find the right balance between their work and their wellness.

Blaized has a special Business + Self Wellness department which offers resources to help entrepreneurs, and other creative business people alike, understand how they can develop their dream business and keep a healthy work-wellness balance at the same time, all the while guiding them on their journey to success. Blaized makes sure there are enough seats at the table for everyone, and helps entrepreneurs secure one.

Mental health is a priority at Blaized, and if often the focus on the company's blog. The Blaized blog has become a go-to source of information for entrepreneurs looking for advice on how to keep healthy while working from home, how to relax after a long day of work, or even how to turn their business around during lockdown.

One of Charnice Blaize's tips is to review your achievements daily: "End your business thoughts on a high. We started the morning in ‘Rise and Shine: Start your day right’ adding structure to our day setting objectives. We want to follow that up at the end of the day with light reflection and positive thoughts. Did you achieve that objective? Did you do something kind for someone? Are you steps closer to your goal or did you discover something new? Save the constructive thought for the morning when setting your next daily objectives."

A lot of entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibilities, financial pressure, huge amounts of work waiting for them at the start of each day, and of course a surge of emotions experienced by many during a global pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and so much more. "Whilst the fight is essential and contributes to important change, it can be an exhausting experience", says Charnice Blaize on the Blaized blog. "If you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s completely normal."

Blaized's advice for entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed include journaling, social media breaks and rest, and we couldn't agree more. It is essential to keep space for your mental health during hard times, especially when you're still expected to keep a business running.

We know a lot of people are still staying home to help flatten the curve, and we are grateful. We hope our Good Distance posts and infographics helped you stay strong and happy while staying home.

If you want to hear more news from Blaized and tips to grow your business and keep maintaining your work-wellness balance, visit the Blaized website.

And for more information about our work for ethical and mindful businesses please contact our team here.

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