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Giving New Life to Pre-Owned Clothing with Luxe Reloaded

Luxe Reloaded is the easiest place to buy and sell pre-owned luxury goods, all wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, to help fix the fashion industry’s waste problem

Luxe Reloaded, the sustainable platform for pre-owned luxury goods, is the easiest way to give new life to designer clothing and accessories and limit waste. With an online store for men and women, Luxe Reloaded takes fashion reselling and fashion sustainability to the next level. With deadstock fabric and unsold inventory accounting for 10% of world’s carbon emissions, Luxe Reloaded offers an alternative to waste, and finds new owners for luxury clothing so the items never touch landfills. The garments and accessories are shipped in recycled cardboard packaging and protected by waste-free, plastic-free wrappers, in line with the company’s ethos to go full circle.

Luxe Reloaded was founded by Nigerian fashion stylist and brand consultant Mariam Aduke Abass in 2017, with a soft launch in September 2018. With a pipeline engineering background, where materials rarely go to waste, Abass has a sustainable approach to fashion.

“Coming from a Nigerian background, clothes are hardly ever wasted or thrown away, they are usually fixed, resold, exchanged or given to people that need them” said Mariam Aduke Abass, founder of Luxe Reloaded. “As an engineer, sustainability is considered from pre-production and not as an afterthought. It is shocking to see that there is a lot of waste in fashion and the lifecycle of fashion items is not as prolonged as it should be.

The Luxe Reloaded business website is an online platform that showcases a handpicked collection of pre-owned luxury items, with some of them brand new, with a business model based on commission. All items have been checked by the Luxe Reloaded specialist team and authenticity is 100% guaranteed. With brands from Givenchy to Gucci and Christian Louboutin, the platform gives better accessibility to luxury for smaller budgets and eco-responsible customers.

“It is very important to us that we control the inventory and make sure that every single item that appears on our website is authentic”, said Abass. “It also makes life easier for our sellers as we do all the work for them; from photography to sales to packaging and posting. It is a thorough system. It is the reason they come to us instead of our competitors.

Luxe Reloaded aims to make regular donations to SCAF Nigeria, an NGO focused on creating awareness on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD, which affects 13,000-15,000 people in the UK, mainly from the black community) and ensuring that SCD warriors get access to quality health care, and Haima Health, which links blood donors to patients, organises blood drives, builds database of regular donors and saves lives.

To shop the Luxe Reloaded collection, or for more information about Luxe Reloaded, please visit

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