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eTHikel is the Environmentally Conscious Online Marketplace That Helps You Lead an Eco-Friendly Life

The British retail destination sources quality products from trusted sellers sharing eTHikel’s pro-Earth values, helping shoppers reduce their impact on the environment

eTHikel, the environmentally conscious online retail destination, is on a mission to provide customers with the options they need to pursue an eco-friendly life - and at Dare PR, we are proud to be working with them.

The British company, launched in 2020, offers a curated marketplace, sourcing quality products only from sellers who share their pro-Earth values. eTHikel offers a range of products from beauty, health and wellbeing, to clothing, accessories, home, garden and food, from over 80 sellers. Each product is carefully vetted and must fall under at least one of eTHikel’s ethics categories, such as Carbon Reduced, Non Animal Tested, Organic, Plastic Free, Vegan, and more.

eTHikel was soft launched in December 2020, with an official launch in January 2021. The company was founded by Amerjit Briah, a successful fintech lawyer and mother of two with a passion for sustainable living. eTHikel was directly inspired by Briah’s own journey with ethical living. Choosing the right lifestyle became a priority for her when she started a family, and the idea of eTHikel was born after seeing the result of plastic pollution first-hand during a trip to South Asia. This experience awakened a desire to learn and help educate others about the impact of unethical trade and products, and the effect they have on individuals, flora and fauna and the environment - through physical and mental health issues, child labour, cruelty to animals, loss of habitat, and other environmental concerns.

eTHikel also brings a luxury department store experience to its online marketplace, creating a beautiful hub for ethical customers. All products are sold and delivered directly from a seller’s warehouse, and the website is committed to data security, following the company’s pillars of honesty, trust, respect and transparency.

eTHikel strives to make a difference, and guide all eco-conscious customers in their ethical journey, whether they are new to sustainable living or an experienced, ethically-aware buyer. eTHikel regularly works with prominent bloggers and expert sellers to deliver insights through its Journal - a guilt-free blog aimed at gently helping readers make lifestyle choices that won’t cost the planet.

“Responsible living and shopping can be challenging, which is why we give customers all the resources and support they need to change their shopping habits while actively helping the world around us” says Amerjit Briah, founder and CEO of eTHikel. “We build a close partnership with our sellers to help them grow, so their success can help make a significant positive change in consumer habits.”

For more information about eTHikel, or to start your sustainable living journey, visit

And to enquire about Dare PR's public relations services for ethical and sustainable brands, contact our team here.

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