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Ethical Businesses: 3 Tips To Build Your Dream Team

Who said building the perfect team was easy? Within your ethical business, you need to make sure you surround yourself with the right people. And this can sometimes get tricky but you are absolutely right to take this matter seriously, as one the most important element of a business is its people, and its ethos.

So here is a small guide to build the dream team that will take your ethical business to the next level.

1) Dare to ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your potential employee will most likely enjoy being part of the conversation around your business and will appreciate a real talk. Ask them about their views of the world, their values and where they stand on important matters. This will allow you to see how confident they are and will give you an idea of whether their ethos is compatible with the one of your company’s.

2) Be Transparent

Make sure the culture you are building within you company is made clear to any potential employees and be transparent about your own every chance you get. This will help you attract the right candidates. By explicitly talking about the goals and aspirations of your business they will know what they are in for. A natural selection should operate as only people who are committed to your work and aligned with your ethos will stick around. Dare to be loud and vocal about your values. Working with mindful businesses means you need to find people as passionate as you.

3) Learn about their aspiration

Find out what they aspire to be and what they aspire to do. Together as a team you can fight for what you believe in. Create a team that can make a positive change with you, however big or small. Be curious about their ideas, and always welcome their input. A quick and easy way to peek into their minds is to have them write content for you on ethics/sustainability. Always give your employee the voice they deserve, this means welcoming them to brainstorming sessions, letting them contribute creatively. That way you will truly know what they think not what they think you want to hear. Remember to organise weekly meetings to check everyone is feeling at the right place and always take into consideration their needs and potential fears.

Ultimately, your employees should be advocates for your business. Finding the right people sharing your ethos and values takes time but is of vital importance for your business as they are the ones who will help champion its growth. People who believe in what you do, and who share your passion will truly be committed to getting your business off the ground. A team sharing your values will gladly promote it and help in any way they can – supposedly they will also be happy to go to work in the morning!

We work hard to promote ethical, mindful and sustainable business, if you feel you need help with yours, we’d love to help. Get in touch with our team here.

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