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Ellie Prohan to Spin for a Cause at Forbes/ Forb(es) The Culture’s #CultureTalks Special Edition

Rising star Ellie Prohan will curate especially for Forbes a DJ set helping raise money for social justice charities

Ellie Prohan, West London DJ, presenter just announced her upcoming participation to Forbes’ Special Edition of For(bes) The Culture’s #CultureTalks on 7 September 2020, entitled When The Music Stops: A #CultureTalks Special Edition. Ellie Prohan will spin for a cause during Forbes’s DJ For a Cause virtual event, curating an exclusive set to raise money for Until Freedom organisation.

For(bes) The Culture’s #CultureTalks is a curation of virtual specialty talks every Monday on Instagram Live with business leaders and culture drivers centered on the topics and issues affecting young trailblazers of color.

During When The Music Stops: A #CultureTalks Special Edition, Ellie Prohan will spin a set of Hip Hop RNB UK Sounds and Afrobeat for Until Freedom, a charity close to her heart.

It is Ellie Prohan’s first participation to For(bes) The Culture’s #CultureTalks, and follows the recent release of her EnGayged playlist with GAY TIMES. In a short span, Ellie's career has grown from strength to strength, organising charity events for world mental health day, starting a club night for the LGBTQIA+ community, creating a series of DJ showcase nights and starting her own cultural discovery show Eat, Dance, Discover in 2020.

“Being a gay middle eastern woman I am already in the minority, growing up I never had anyone I could look up to who represented me and my sexuality in the media or music industry. For our future generations it's vital that we as minorities and our allies speak up about injustices surrounding inequality and encourage progressive change in the way people of colour, the Black community and immigrants are viewed and treated in society today. I’m super excited to be DJing for Forbes and raising money for Until Freedom” said Ellie Prohan.

For(bes) The Culture’s #CultureTalks aims at creating equitable pathways for e(lit)e Black & brown professionals, since 2017. As a highly talented gay middle eastern woman, the importance of being an active representation within the music and entertainment industry is of upmost importance to Ellie.

Tune in here to follow For(bes) The Culture’s #CultureTalks and attend Ellie Prohan’s DJ set for When The Music Stops: A #CultureTalks Special Edition. Ellie Prohan’s DJ set will start on 7 September 2020 at 9pm BST/4pm EST.

For more information about Ellie Prohan please visit her page here.

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