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Eevie Launches App to Fight Climate Change One New Eco Habit at a Time

The eevie app was carefully designed to help users improve their carbon impact by making small changes every day with the help of artificial intelligence

eevie, the eco habit tracker helping you improve your carbon impact without compromising convenience, released its mobile app on iOS and Android on 15 October 2019, revolutionising the field of DIY sustainability.

With the planet in crisis and time running out, eevie gives the power back to the people to take action against climate change with the help of their smartphones, one small eco-friendly change at a time. The first eco-habit tracker to understand its users’ individual behaviour, eevie was carefully designed to suit their lifestyle and preferences instead of giving generic solutions, making it easier than ever to recycle, reuse bags, cups and bottles, shop local, organic and seasonal food, eat less meat or adopt a plant-based diet, be water and energy aware, waste less, go plastic or package free, compost at home, understand labels and travel sustainably. eevie provides users with information, resources, tips and gentle nudges right when they need them.

eevie was founded by software developers and data scientists Antonius Willms, Lennart Paar and Dr. Raphael Ferretti, after years of research and development. The eevie team created the mobile app as a response to the climate emergency and the powerlessness felt by people as individuals. Eevie’s goal is to get millions to live more sustainably without feeling like they’re missing out on anything, by tracking their daily activities.

“In recent months, public concern about the environment has soared to record levels. The problem is that people want to fix the climate but don't know where to begin, or if their efforts will even have a meaningful impact,” says Antonius Willms, founding partner and CEO of eevie. “Change is hard. We may want to lead more eco-aware lives, but in the rush we often forget to do. eevie is designed to be a constant reminder, an ever-present coach helping you make eco-friendly decisions all day long.” 

eevie is now available for free to millions of users all around the globe on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Build a sustainable future for all, one habit at a time

eevie is at the forefront of pushing artificial intelligence boundaries, and uses a context awareness engine specifically created for the everyday smartphone user wishing to make sustainable lifestyle choices. This system makes use of machine learning to identify user activities and provide actionable information in real time. 

eevie features and benefits include:

Check out your impact score – eevie shows you your impact score for the day, against your personal daily goal, calculated when you create your profile. Your personal goal is calculated to encourage a realistic yearly reduction towards 2025. eevie’s impact calculator offers a real life comparison between your personal impact and your country average.

Embrace new active habits – add new active habits you want to build and keep long-term, from saying no straws to becoming a Zero Waste Hero, and tell eevie what you are already doing for the planet to earn the Completed Habit badge.

Get real about your progress – reflect on what you managed to do today, and tell eevie how you’re getting on with your new habits. Oops, did you forget to bring your own bag to the shop? No biggy. eevie won’t judge you, because each step counts. Had a successful meat-free Monday? Marvelous! Every positive review reduces your daily impact score, now it’s up to you to improve your impact.

Enjoy your habit milestones – eevie is a friendly proactive coach that knows when to reward you for your efforts. Once you’ve chosen to build a new habit, eevie shows you some love and gives you a snapshot of your current progress.

Learn new tricks every day – eevie provides you with habit tips, useful resources and tutorials that are actually easy to process, making sustainable living enjoyable (and your life easier). Tips can also help you reduce your bills, and help you feel more in control of your daily consumption.    

Join our growing community – On eevie, you can plant your seeds and buddy up. Build your network by inviting friends or friends of friends, and by seeing your impact grow through their actions every day. The Community section allows you to share your experience, ask questions and get some tips from other users.

eevie is available to users everywhere to empower the app’s worldwide community to change their ways, enabling every individual to contribute meaningfully to the protection of the environment - and feel armed in the face of climate change.

Want to join eevie? Please visit for more details. You can download the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play

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