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Conscious House London to Launch Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil Made of 100% Natural Ingredients

The natural skincare brand combined moringa and jojoba, two of the hardest working plant oils to create a product that both cleanses and treats

Conscious House London, the 100% natural skincare and toiletries brand striving for zero waste and plastic free alternatives, today announced the upcoming launch of its new 100% natural Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil. This gentle and efficient oil cleanser joins the brand’s line of sustainable skincare, which features star products such as lip balms, face creams, lip scrub, overnight hand cream, and the recently launched Fresh-Faced Cleansing Milk, already a customer favourite. The Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil is the first product from Conscious House London’s new Botanical Range, launching throughout 2021. The upcoming range will move away from daily skincare products into more targeted formulations for various skin needs. With the Botanical Range, the brand will continue its foray into creating stellar skincare using only the very best, and most sustainable, ingredients to create the ultimate recipe for happy skin and a happy planet. The Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil will be available on the Conscious House London website on 29 January 2021.

Conscious House London, the waste-free lifestyle brand founded by Nicolle Barreiros and Rebecca Dallimore, is the online shop known for its collection of natural skincare, cleansing products and accessories. The Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil is the latest addition to a growing collection of sustainable, handmade essentials, and is meant to be an all-rounder in your night-time beauty routine. The Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil collects dirt and dead skin cells as it travels across the skin, with a consistency that allows it to glide smoothly across your face so there's no need for any rubbing or scrubbing, gently taking away the day's sweat, grime and make up.

With the launch of the Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil, Conscious House London adds another essential to waste-free bathrooms in the UK. All oils will be packaged in 150ml glass bottles with aluminium caps, and will be handmade of natural and ethically-sourced ingredients including moringa oil, jojoba oil, sweet orange and jasmine - as per the brand’s tradition. While moringa is an all-round skin saviour, boasting a whole host of vitamins and antioxidants that calm irritation and redness and reduce the appearance of fine lines, jojoba is a great moisturiser and antibacterial plant that helps balance sebum production and fight the bacteria trapped in pores. The result will be a 100% natural, waterless formula, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free product that both cleanses and treats in one sweep - with a light consistency and deep absorbency that helps retain moisture overnight.

The launch of the botanical range is an exciting step for us,” said Rebecca Dallimore, co-founder of Conscious House London. “With this collection, we have delved deeper into the plant science behind our formulations to continue our company mission of creating the perfect blend of quality skincare and sustainability.”

To shop the new Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil, or for more information about Conscious House London’s collection of natural, sustainable and ethical home and beauty products, visit

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