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Client News: Celebrating Colour Psychology with ChriSOULa Sirigou

International Colour Day is coming up on 21 March 2019, and our dear client ChriSOULa Sirigou is celebrating!

ChriSOULa Sirigou, the author of the long awaited The Book of Soulful Musings: Inspiring Conversations to Live LIFE With Love, Intention, Flow, Ease is hosting the Colourful Musings Week this week in celebration of colour live on her Facebook page, as well as a Spring Equinox free webinar on 21 March from 8 to 9pm GMT.

The week long event will explore topics from branding colours to enhancing mental health through colour, and will include a course on the Symbolic Language of Colours, Numbers and Planets, a subject very close to ChriSOULa's heart: "When I placed the Soul colours based on my date of birth and name in front of me, it was the biggest Ah-Hah moment of my life. The colours hit my heart and cracked open revealing my true purpose and at the same time explained why my life turned out the way it had. It is a privilege to be able to pass on this knowledge" she explained.

ChriSOULa Sirigou is also the host of “The Health and Healing Show” on RedShift Radio and is the founder of The Golden Muse TV Show.

Will you be celebrating with us and ChriSOULa?

For more information on ChriSOULa's work with colours and The Book of Soulful Musings, please visit

To get in touch with our team, please email

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