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Happy Zero Waste Week!

We can't believe it's been a year since we last took the pledge for #ZeroWasteWeek and at Dare, we've been trying our best to apply this all year round. From upcycling, recycling to reduce our food waste, we are committed to a less wasteful world.

A bit about the Zero Waste initiative.

Founded in 2008, the Zero Waste Week team helps individuals, businesses, organisations, schools, universities and community groups reduce landfill waste, save money and preserve resources. They have the winning formula of knowing how to engage people both on and offline.

Their mission is to empower everyone to rethink ‘rubbish’ as a valuable resource. They encourage us to make small changes that lead to more sustainable consumption patterns. They educate so that we can easily and effectively reduce landfill, save money and participate in the circular economy – in line with the Global Goals for sustainable development.

The whole Dare team has been combatting waste all year, with a special focus on plastic and food waste. We've been posting our thoughts about plastic on our blog and social networks all year, so here's a bit of help reducing waste in the kitchen.

A few tips to reduce food waste

- Love a hot cup of filter coffee? Same here, but instead of chucking the coffee away, why don't you turn it into a beauty scrub? Conscious House London, the amazing natural skincare brand offers a great recipe here. Conscious House is a brand of natural, sustainable and ethical home and beauty products that only uses ingredients and materials from trusted suppliers. Committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing and practices in everything from ingredients to product packaging and delivery, Conscious House offers a range of products made with 100% natural essential oils, seed butters and other plant-based, raw ingredients. As if this wasn't good enough, they also give 10% of profits to charities Seed Madagascar and Mind! You can keep updated with their zero waste tips on their blog.

- Taking a well deserved trip but you still have leftovers in the fridge? No need to panic: initiatives such at Olio - the food sharing app - allows you to connect with people in your neighbourhood. It is very easy to use: simply post on the app any unwanted items you may have and an interested neighbour might want to come and pick it up! That way you can say NO to waste and enjoy your time away. The great news is that you can also give non-food items instead of throwing them away (and risking them ending up in landfill).

- Still concerned with food waste? So are we, but keep in mind combatting food waste can be fun. "If life gives you lemon, make lemonade" the adage goes. Also, you can keep all of your citruses' skin and make a delicious cordial to perfect such lemonade. Find the recipe here. We've been loving this all Summer! You can also keep all vegetable skins and scraps to make delicious broth and add extra flavour to your soups this Winter.

At Dare we've spent the year saying no to plastic and unnecessary waste, from using reusable cups and bottles to our eco hike in Plastic Free July. We'd be interested to hear what you've been up to in terms of wastage limitation, and the things you've come up with. We are always in search of being the best citizens we could be on this earth so reach out to us here to give us your tips for a more sustainable, less wasteful living.

If you wish to donate to the Zero Waste Week movement, click here:

For more information about us and to see how we can help you promote your ethical business, contact our team here.

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