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All About Le Weekend, the Concept Store Dedicated to Slow Living, by Nicolette Lafonseca

Nicolette Lafonseca, host of the Brew & A Biscuit podcast and author of Make Your Own Christmas Jumper: 20 Fun and Easy Projects to Make In a Day (Even If You Can't Knit!) and How to Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 20 Fun & Easy Holiday Projects to Craft and Create, has launched Le Weekend, an exclusive concept store dedicated to slow living. Based in West Yorkshire, Le Weekend offers a mindfully curated collection of beautiful products that were responsibly and ethically sourced by artist Lafonseca herself to enhance people’s weekends.

Already the host of a podcast that discusses slow intentional living and explores alternative paths to achieving a happy home and sustainable lifestyle, Nicolette Lafonseca is passionate about two things: intentional living and creativity. A Channel 4 TV crafter and chef, and beloved blogger on Archie And The Rug, Lafonseca shares her recipes, thoughts and tips to millions, combining her love of crafts and cookery with another of her passions, writing. Opening a store was the natural next step for Lafonseca, who always wanted to bring a smile to a person’s face when they find the one thing that sparks true joy - the treat they are giving themselves, or the perfect gift they have found for someone.

Le Weekend was inspired by Lafonseca’s time living in Paris, France, where she discovered the French approach to life, and the preciousness of those 48 hours as a time that is supposed to be a reset, a time where you get to nurture yourself and your mind. Le Weekend is therefore an online space that will grow organically, as Lafonseca finds or develops new beautiful sustainable and ethical products that invite the customer to reclaim their free time and enrich their weekend. The store also operates on a strong brand ethos, inspired by Lafonseca’s values as a queer, mixed race Indian woman, mother and activist - such as Waste Reduction, People Before Profits, Environmentally Aware, and Inclusivity. Le Weekend also endeavours to be accountable for all of the elements of being a retail brand.

“Over my life, I have become a more responsible consumer, cutting out more and more companies that harm humans and harm the environment,” says Nicolette Lafonseca, founder of Le Weekend. “As a retailer, I have to bring that same ethos. So on Le Weekend, you will not find single use plastic, or products that are not sustainable and encourage waste.”

Le Weekend offers a collection of books, gifts, greeting cards & stationery, vintage finds, prints, craft kits, and more original artwork by Nicolette Lafonseca. The line includes Giclée prints, handmade wall hangings, eco knitting kits and original paintings all printed on recycled cards - true to the founder’s ethos to create and source heirloom products, reduce waste, encourage others to reuse and repurpose, and combat cultural appropriation.

For more information about Le Weekend, or to view the collection of mindfully curated, responsibly and ethically sourced products that will enhance your weekend, please visit https://www.le-weekend.co.uk/

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