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A Very Special Christmas Meditation with Author Signe Rhode

This week, Signe Rhode, bestselling author of 'WHY Do I Have To Sleep?' released a very special meditation for parents, which couldn't be better timing with Christmas coming up. The meditation technique aims at helping both parents and children find the peace and calm to fall asleep, which can sometimes be difficult in this busy world – especially in December.

Rhode wrote her bestselling book to create a tool that could create the magic (the openness, safety and motivation) for a child to fall asleep from within. In the same way, Rhode wanted to pass on healing onto parents, and empower them with knowledge and methods for their children. “I want to make it easier for parents to help their children and themselves feel more resilient, empowered and happy.” she explains. Her meditation techniques, as well as the special Christmas meditation can be accessed through Signe Rhode's newsletter.

Rhode's book shares meditation tips and mindfulness tools to help children fall asleep.  In 'WHY Do I Have To Sleep?', ​Rhode tells the story of a child who doesn’t want to go to bed but slowly opens up to wanting to sleep while his mother shares with him the importance to sleep at night. Through this bedtime journey, the author offers not only a mindful meditation method that children can use but also an internal motivation for them to fall asleep.

In a conscious and playful way, Signe Rhode helps children feel seen, open and empowered. Children are invited to participate in the story and interact with the storyteller by answering questions such as 'Why do you think we sleep at night?'.

My son would answer something like, if I don’t sleep at night, I’ll cry all day tomorrow” comments the author. “When the arguments suddenly come from himself he completely opens up and we suddenly have the same goal. This book isn’t only important to me because it helps my son fall asleep, it also helps him get in contact with his own body and mind”.


To use effective proven methods to empower children in her book, Rhode teamed up with a brain researcher and a children’s psychologist and topic expert. With this book, she aims at creating a tool that would have “a deep lasting effect” and help both children and parents with the nighttime routine.

'WHY Do I Have To Sleep?'​ is the first English release in Signe’s upcoming book series which covers the everyday challenges that children meet, including ​'WHY Do I Have To Brush My Teeth?' and 'Why Do I Have To Eat My Veggies?''​.

For more details about ​'WHY Do I Have To Sleep?' ​visit the author’s ​website​. For more books by​ Signe Johanne Rhode, visit Amazon.

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