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5 PR Tips for Ethical Businesses

At Dare PR, we strive to help ethical businesses build awareness and engage with their audience. We know a business built on ethics can struggle with budget, and that marketing and PR can't always be on the priority list so we thought we would publish a few of our tips in case you don't have the funds to hire an agency just yet.

Of course, it is always beneficial to work directly with a PR agency as they'll have resources, time and contacts but in case that's not something you can consider now, here are 5 tips to get you started with your public relations.


Knowledge is the foundation of a good pitch

Get your pitch ready: this includes your message, your mission, who you serve, and the steps that took you there in a nutshell. No one knows your story better than you, so why not use it in a beautiful, personal PR pitch?


Authenticity is key

This is what separates you from others. Being genuine makes your story attractive and believable. Tell your pitch like you tell your friends your story, and let it resonate with journalists and readers authentically.


Create long-lasting relationships

Nurture a kind, helpful, and collaborative relationship with the press. Be generous with details and make the job easy for journalists. They will think of you when an opportunity presents itself and will want to help you share your story.


It takes dedication to get coverage

It takes hard work to pitch, put press kits together, write press releases, pen opinion pieces, answer interviews and handle book sends but it's all worth it when your story hits the headlines. An agency can take on this load for you.


You'll need a few things to get started

Almost every journalist will ask for high resolution product imagery, website, social media accounts, press releases or media kit, and in some cases, samples, so make sure you get these right before launching a PR campaign.

At Dare PR, our clients reflect our ethos and our values. We believe that good business starts with a thoughtful approach, and careful consideration of our impact on people and the planet.

So, if you think you might need help with promoting your brand, we'd love to hear from you!

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